FAQ Fopay

1. I can’t pass the KYC…:

First of all, check all your data, around 50% of cases where you can’t pass the KYC, the data input done incorrect. Use a document with a release date and expiration date. If all conditions are fulfilled — try sending the documents again, verification takes time — Just fill all lines in the form and you will be able to pass KYC. If you didn’t receive any email notification (about incorrect data provided, for example) this time, you should just wait until the process finished

2. I didn’t get the verification email…:

Unfortunately, we observe that many users make mistakes in writing their e-mail addresses when registering.


… @gmail.con

… gmail@com

… Johndoegmail.com

… John@doegmail.com

Please be extremely careful when entering this information. This is especially true of anyone who cannot receive a confirmation email. Then you will definitely receive a verification letter.

3. How to register new account:

1) Follow this link: https://wallet.fopay.io/signup/

2) Fill out the form you’ll see there

3) Verify your email by the verification link you’ll receive

4) Sign in to your new wallet

5) Verify your identity at this page: https://wallet.fopay.io/kyc/form/

4. How to setup 2FA:

Before activating 2FA (2 Factor Authentication):

1. Install FROM PLAYSTORE Google Authenticator. We open the KYC application using Laptop / PC

2. After being installed from the PlayStore, then open it until the Scan barcode menu (scan barcode)

3. Click enable 2FA on FOPAY, the barcode appears and scan using HP

4. Enter the 6 digit number that appears on the cellphone


5. Where can I download mobile application?


From the Apple store

And Android market

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